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Quality Bathtub Refinishing in Haslet, TX

Reliable and experienced, the team at Renubath will restore your bathtub to make it look like new. This saves you both time and money, as replacing a bathtub can be a tedious and expensive process. Experienced with everything from full apartment complexes and hotels to individual residences, we are the team to trust when it comes to bathtub refinishing in Haslet, TX.

Using only superior materials, our top-quality refinishing services are fully warrantied. Should there be a crack in your enamel, we won’t slap a temporary solution on the tub -- we take the cut down and apply new enamel. We can even repair cultured marble. Rest assured, our certified technicians will have your tub ready for use in no time.

The Complete Bathroom

We don't work on bathtubs alone -- rely on us to complete your entire bathroom update. We will take care of tubs, faucets, sinks, steel doors, and even countertops as needed. All work we do is warrantied and color matched. In fact, we can work with any color you choose for your sink, and even create a modern, granite-like look if you wish.  

Affordable & Reliable

Refinishing your tub is a far better option than purchasing a new tub. Even though the process is simple, your tub will look new again. When factoring in the potential costs of construction and remodeling that new tub installation service would involve, the choice becomes even more apparent. We give your bathroom a facelift at a fraction of the cost.

Warranty Services

All of our artistry is 100% guaranteed. We are proud to be the bathtub warranty service providers for a wide array of manufacturers, including Praxis, Kohler, LASCO, AmeriBath (also known as AmeriBath by American Fiberglass), Jacuzzi, and many more. We work both directly with manufacturers and with the public, as well. Call today to learn more.

Why Replace When You Can Refinish?

If you have an old, chipped, or otherwise damaged bathtub, there are many benefits to having it repaired or refinished rather than replaced. Renubath is proud to offer quality bathtub refinishing services that can make your decades-old bathtub look like it was installed yesterday. Our experts can easily fix stains, chips, and scratches on your tub or re-glaze it with a shiny new finish that will last for years to come.

Though this process sounds intensive, it actually can save you money. Replacing a tub could come with a lot of unexpected costs if you can’t find a perfect match to your existing tub. In the end, it just makes sense to refinish your current tub.

Complete Bathroom Updates

Did you know we also offer a tub installation service? If you’re interested in a tub upgrade, perhaps consider installing a Jacuzzi or whirlpool tub in your home. We also help clients needing to install ADA-compliant fixtures in their bathroom. So whether you’re interested in a new, more relaxing tub or one that has grab bars, we have you covered. 

Why stop at the tub though? Our experts are capable of taking on a total bathroom update project. By helping you select the latest models in bathroom fixtures and drawing up a plan, our team will transform your bathroom into a relaxing and enjoyable space.

Contact us to schedule an in-home assessment of your bathroom’s fixtures. We are proud to serve Haslet, TX and the surrounding area.